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For immediately release: February 2020

THE HUMMING MASK© (Bio-Nitric oxide) is inhibiting and preventing the replication of sars-cov viruses (family of the corona virus)

The Humming Mask©, a noninvasive, facial mechanical ventilation massage mask, which turned out to be very helpful in fighting the pneumonia caused by the 2019-nCov novel coronavirus. (COVID-19)

After 5 years of research and development, the US/Dutch based company just produced the first improved 1.500 devices available on the internet now. The first batch of earlier (prototypes) devices where sold for for prevention against high blood pressure, asthma, pneumonias, insomnia and various other general health issues and geriatric illnesses. Now the latest version of this product is available. Price on request (Click Here)

The function and effect of inhibiting pneumonia is achieved by inhaling our own natural produced (Bio) Nitric oxide (iNO) permanently available in our sinuses and nasal cavities.  The Humming Mask© resonates the air containing this NO, making it available to inhale by breathing in through the nose. Two detailed  scientific studies reveals how this mask (iNO) can help, as the inhaled Nitric oxide (iNO) is a potent virus killer!  Also bacteria and fungi are not resistant to this iNO. Bio-Nitric oxide is a natural and physically produced molecule, distinguishing it from much less effective high doses of artificially produced NO.  Instantly at first use the Humming Mask© provides immediate relieve in breathing by a.o. the release of mucus in lungs and trachea.

That NO has the capability to inhibit the development of different pneumonias e.g. caused by the Coronavirus which is similar to the SARS  is explained in many official published studies. (see below for studies and publications).

1: The effect of nitric oxide on SARS-CoV replication: Viral RNA production and  of the palmitoylation of the S protein are affected, and

2: Inhalation of nitric oxide in the treatment of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: A Rescue trail in Beijing.

Taking in to consideration that the Coronavirus is causing severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) pandemic of 2002-2003, and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)outbreak in South Korea in 2015 belongs to the same family* of viruses as the 2019-nCov novel Coronavirus, it is expected to have the same results  as proved in the studies published January 2020.

*Quote: The full virus genome had about an 89% nucleotide identity with bat-SL-CoVZC45, which makes it a new species. Moreover, the Spike protein of our virus has an 84% nucleotide identity with the bat-SL-CoVZC45 coronavirus and an 78% nucleotide identity with the human SARS Coronavirus.

Source: The Lancet. Published: January 24, 2020DOI:**

Above information makes the availability of a Humming Mask© highly desirable, since at this moment there is no other close solution or treatment available to fight a conventional pneumonia caused by viruses in general and in particular against the  pneumonia caused by the 2019-nCov novel Coronavirus. The only solution right now is that the body itself fights the pneumonia even with a weak immune system or older age, along with medication against fever and pain release.


Production capacity is set at only 1.500 items per month but can be increased rapidly when demand rises.

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