Scientific study: Nitric oxide production affected in the

Endothelial cells is the main cause of diabetes.

                                         (source American Diabetes Association ADA) 

Good news for people with Diabetes.  According to a study released by the ADA, (American Diabetes Association), it has been found that Nitric oxide (NO) in our system is the engine for the production of hormone Insulin. It turns out that NO it is not only the engine for Insulin production, but it also regulates the distribution of insulin through our system.  To read this study in detail, please click ”HERE”

By using the new and unique Humming Mask YOU will improve your (LOST) NO needed for sufficient  insulin production.  At the very first use, you can “measure” and  “feel” the positive results of improved NO by inhaling the important Nitric oxide. 

View the video for more information on the mask, please click “HERE”  In most cases, you will achieve a reduction of 20 to 40%  in your blood sugar level (BSL), in the first 2 weeks. ​

When our diet is normal in line, and we get the proper food we need, we don’t need extra vitamins and nutrients to boost our NO production. Over-kill of all kind of supplements are not always good and does not resolve the problem from the roots. As aging is the cause of decreased NO production with sufficient Nitric oxide in our system we improve our health significantly. The Humming Mask is a durable product and will reduce expenses over time by reducing costly alternatives.  



  1. Will be Increased from the sinuses and nasal cavities as Major NO producers.

  2. It helps to restore the production and distribution of Insulin (scientifically proven).

  3. It makes you relaxed, stress-free and increase the needed blood flow.

  4. Recovers the oxygen exchange in your system.

  5. Reduce the costs of expensive supplements, the Humming Mask(c) last for years.

  6. Give no side effects.  (100% Natural). 

  7. Increases the Quality of your sleep and memory.  

  8. Improve your feeling of well being like you were in your younger years again. (and many more benefits). 

  9. Scientifically proven by numerous medical studies. 

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