The Humming mask FDA Over the Counter (OTC).

The Humming Mask is a 100% Drug-Free over the counter (OTC)  electronic device.  The mask is FDA 510K exempt and can be ordered without  prescription.  The Humming Mask “G1” and “G2” have been sold in the US and Europe and have proven to be very successful . The Humming Mask “G3” has been developed and  released in June 2019.

Nitric Oxide’s most important role in the human body is vasodilation ( widening of blood vessels that results from relaxation of the muscular walls of the vessels ) . This allows blood, nutrients and oxygen to travel freely through the body.  As we grow older, we are subject to the negative effects of the biological clock. This results among others in  less and inefficient sleep known as “Insomnia”,  high Blood Pressure “Hypertension”, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Anxiety and Depression. One of the key reasons for this process has been linked to the age related reduction of the production of our natural Bio-Nitric Oxide “BNO”. The Humming Mask simulates “humming”  resulting in the release of natural Nitric Oxide increasing the amount of Oxygen in the body’s cells called “Oxygenation”.  A healthy level of Nitric Oxide in our system will improve sleep, lower blood pressure, improve and prevent many age-related health problems, slowdown the aging process, and will overall reverse the various effects of insufficient Nitric Oxide levels in the body.

Inhaled Nitric Oxide is safe, used in infants or young children, and is FDA approved.


The Humming mask is a guaranteed product.


Purchase your Humming Mask online via our webshop by using PayPal or Credit card.  If you are not  satisfied with our product or the results within 30-days of the initial purchase, simply return the product for a full refund ( see details here) This is our 100% risk-free promise to you !



Nationwide logistic services

The Humming Mask is currently distributed in the United States (excl. Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska), Canada ( pls note shipping exemptions) and Europe. BEAS International works with eFulfillment, one of the first internet specialized logistic service companies for world wide shipments. eFulfillment is an award-winning center for the most secure, 2 to 3 day “nationwide” delivery service.  We have five distribution centers throughout the Unites States, and the cost of shipping and handling is free and included in the purchase price (state sales tax excluded). Expedited shipping within 24-hours is also possible for an additional fee.