History of the Humming Mask

In Germany in 2004, an ENT/sport doctor by the name of Sir. Gunter Basel developed a new Medical “nasal dilator” to improve inhalation and increase oxygen intake while sporting/exercising. He and his partner, Mr. Anton F.M. Bende, discovered the importance of inhaled nNO (nasal nitric oxide), produced naturally by our sinuses, also inhaled through the nostrils. Due to this discovery, they continued to study this natural phenomenon, finding links to increase the production of nitric oxide through Natural humming which resulted in the development of “the Humming Mask©”, a device which imitates the mechanics of natural human humming, recently medically tested in Germany, on the positive effectiveness. As natural humming for extended periods can be tiring especially when we need to do this on a daily basis,  the Humming Mask does the humming for you, in the same way as you would do the humming technique by yourself.

Today we know: A deficiency in nitric oxide in the body – occurring slowly after the age of 40 – is a major contributor to many serious geriatric diseases. Humming can help to avoid many of these health problems by naturally restoring missing supplies of nitric oxide. (*1).