How Does the Humming Mask Work?

How does the Humming Mask work?

The Humming Mask is a massage device to recover our important Nitric oxide in our system.

It works with a low frequency (90 to 110 RPM) which gently and pleasant resonates at five locations on the head; 2 x Forehead, (Frontal sinuses) 2x cheekbones, (Maxillary sinuses) and nose bone for the Sphenoid sinuses. The air in the cavities of the head (sinuses) will start to resonate due to the accurate frequency. In addition to the resonating, the location, intensity and timing of the frequency is important. A program in the base of the Humming mask controls this. Due to this combination of effects we imitate the natural humming effect. Due to this humming effect we can inhale the air through our Ostium’s via the nostrils, including higher but small amounts of Nitric oxide (NO) what will be distributed through the lungs in the blood for an optimal oxygen exchange.

Our sinuses play an important role in the production of nitric oxide. In a study conducted by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, (Read More) was the following is demonstrated: “By humming in a low tone in the throat, also called” humming “, the production of nitric oxide may in increase the sinuses up to 15 times. “

The “humming” features are built into the Humming mask will resonating the air, what we can inhale effortlessly through our “Ostium’s” the small channels between the sinuses and nostrils. In our blood, nitric oxide is produced enzymatically. But as we age (from 40/45 years), this production decreases. The degradation of nitric oxide in the body is the main cause of our biological aging and the associated old-age (geriatrics) ailments.

How do I know that the Humming Mask works?

The effect of the mask we can controled by intensity, strong or fewer applied, and number of programs. We can check the results by measuring our blood pressure before and after using the Humming mask. We can do this with a simple Blood pressure meter. After 1 or 2 days, and in some cases after even after hours you will see the results.

Nitric oxide is safe.

Nitric oxide safe to use, because the body controls the volume of consumption. Studies have shown that a surplus of nitric oxide will be stored as a nitrite and a surplus of Nitrite will be disposed naturally by the body. Additionally Nitric oxide is used for years already as a treatment for children and newborns by means inhalation. (This treatment is approved by the FDA (USA) and European legislation).

Also the possibility is there to increase your Nitric oxide by means of Nitric oxide supplements or by following a specific diet. These resources have been tested and approved and free for sale on the market as “over the counter” product. These supplements have a good effect at an early age,  but since the enzymes responsible for the conversion to nitric oxide will decrease due to aging, this effect will disappear slowly. Nitric oxide increased by using the Humming mask will help to enhance our NO level.

“Nitric Oxide” (NO) is the most scientifically studied gas molecule since its discovery 15 years ago. Worldwide there are more than 112,000 inquiries about the function and purpose on NO in our body, officially published. This discovery was awarded the Nobel prize for medicine in 1998.

Since then, more than 112,000 official medical studies have been published on the effects of NO in our body. A recent study from 2016 by Jonathan S. Stamler, MD, (President of the Harrington Discovery Institute), showed conclusively that Nitric oxide (NO) should be sufficiently available to ensure proper oxygen exchange at the cells. For years it was medically unclear what caused the oxygen exchange to be reduced to the cells, while sufficient oxygen could be measured in the blood. This lack of clarity was now resolved. This showed the connection between age problems and a shortage of Nitric Oxide. (Please refer to the studies per topic in this site.)