How to Use the Humming Mask

How to Hum?

Humming should be performed daily for 3 to 4 weeks, and after that, humming frequency may be reduced to only 3 to 4 times a week a program, preferably , just before sleep. A humming cycle will last approximately 20 minutes. This humming time will be sufficient to restore your  NO, which helps to normalize blood pressure and provides other benefits from NO like reducing enlarged prostate, and AMD.

The mask is always used while laying down or sitting in a recliner.  The connection with the base/controller is important as nitric oxide increases sleep. The wired connection ensures safe use. Use of the mask should be conducted in a relaxation area. For your peace of mind, and regular monitoring, each mask comes with a personal blood pressure (BP) device to check your Blood Pressure, which should be done every now and then anyway. Many tests have shown that after 2 or 3 days of use, high blood pressure will come down towards normal values and you can verify this by using the BP meter we provide with the Humming mask.

You can test yourself. 

Besides the blood meter test, the humming mask also includes NO test strips. These strips can be used to measure the effect of the nasal nitric oxide in the body.  By using these tests, you can verify  yourself the optimal quantity of NO.

The effect of the Humming Mask can simply be measured, before and after use. 


nNO is safe to use, as our body naturally produces and absorbs it automatically. Other uses of directly-inhaled NO gas, include the FDA-approved (Federal Drug Administration in the US) treatment for young children and newborns and surgery to improve wound healing, as the cells receive more oxygen. According to the American Heart Association, inhaled nitric oxide is a selective pulmonary vasodilator, both in its current uses and therapeutic potential.

The mask should always be used while laying down or sitting in a reclined chair. The mask is used while relaxing (sit or lay-down). The connection with the power and program controller is for safety as we activate the  frontal brain mass to increase sleep. Use of the mask should  be done in a relaxing environment,  avoiding physical activity. nNO is safe to use, as our body naturally produces and transfers it in nitrite.  Nitrite: is a physiological store of nitric oxide and modulator of the mitochondrial function. (*6)