Humming Mask

Flobox Network LLC, Exclusive, US Distributor of The Humming Mask, offers a solution to what evidence leads to a possible answer to what Humans have searched a thousands of years to find.. Ponce De Leon lost his life looking for it, Women have spent billions trying to achieve it.

What if the answer was JUST A NOSE AWAY?

The Modern day answer to the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH or as we call it today ANTI-AGING, has always been in front of us, just under our nose.

The Science behind the Humming Mask.

The Humming Mask stimulates endothelial cells to shift gears and super charge Nitric Oxide (NO) via Paranasal production.

The answer to good sleep, improved health and longevity has literally been staring us in the face for eternity.

The Humming Mask was engineered to take advantage of this process, supplementing the body to stimulate the natural production of Nitric Oxide (NO) naturally with nasal Nitric Oxide (nNO).

The Humming Mask is a Message Devise, Registered with the FDA. The Mask delivers messages through the nasal cavities, and the endothelial cells do the rest.