Introduction to Nitric Oxide

It is a well-known fact that for many decades Monks, Yoga and other spiritual practitioners have been doing “the hum” (humming = increasing nitric oxide), to ensure good health in body and mind. Although many have benefited from this technique for thousands of years, up until now, we did not know the reason of the effects of this phenomenon. What is the secret behind humming and why is it so beneficial to your health? A basic scientific explanation shows that humming simply fills the shortage of nitric oxide that is lost over time during the natural aging process. (*2)

Nitric oxide, is typically produced in the body by enzymatic activity just like our food is processed, and like vitamin D, which is produced naturally by our body when it is exposed to sunlight. As we grow older, producing this essential molecule decreases.  In fact, research have discovered that by the time we reach our 70ies or 80ies, we produce a staggering 75% less nitric oxide than we did at the time we were in our 20ies or 30ies. This means that by the time you reach an age where you need nitric oxide the most, we are most  likely to have a  huge NO deficiency!

Literally thousands of studies about nitric oxide have been conducted over the last 10 years, each of them providing proof that the reduction of NO in the body is the main cause of most geriatric diseases. (*3).  These include examples such as cardiovascular disease, conditions affecting vision and impairing hearing, enlarged prostate and other age-related symptoms. In 2009/2010 it was discovered that our sinuses are not only for filtering and pre-warming air before it reaches our lungs, but also major producers of nNO.

How does this work? Our sinuses are connected with small channels called Ostiums, culminating in our nostrils. When we inhale, a very small amount of nNO is suctioned out of the sinuses. Natural humming creates vibrations in our face, which resonates the air in our sinuses, making the nasal nitric oxide easier to inhale. Further research has found that “strong” natural humming significantly increases the amount of inhaled nNO as much as 10 to 15 times, compared to silent breathing. (*2). Many other studies have proved that supplementing the shortage of NO as we age, can reduce and prevent many geriatric diseases.

Sinuses are connected with our Ostiums, a passage for the Nitric oxide flow.