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From Dutch to English.

Below is the first reader of a voluntary test by the son of a 101.5-year-old mother. The test was used and Implemented on its own initiative.

The test was displayed in English, and translated into Dutch. The experience gained can be verified by all concerned. Initially, prototypes of the INO Activator were used. Until now, July 2017, the INO Activator is used daily and to full satisfaction.

Testing the effectiveness of the INO Activator on onset dementia.

Topic: A 101 year old woman diagnosed early in 2011 (when 97 years old) with an early stage of vascular dementia.

Location: The Netherlands, The Hague.
The start date of the application of the INO Activator was started 1-2 times a day May 20, 2015.

The topic “The 1010.5  year old Lady” was diagnosed in April 2011 and in May 2012 she was transferred to an elderly care center where she stayed in a nursing home from May 21 to August 10, 2012.

On August 10, 2012, she returned to her own home, as her situation deteriorated both physically and mentally during this period. During this period she suffered from a bladder infection and an early stage of pneumonia, both of which were treated separately. This for 5 weeks with two different antibiotics. After returning home, she recovered, but the vascular dementia process was slowly worse in the coming years.

The home situation: 4 times a day visit elderly care, 4 times a day daycare in an external day stay and 5 nights with a private sleep buddy. The house is equipped with 7 surveillance cameras that follow day and night activities specifically for the peace of mind for the son.

These were some of the most relevant symptoms:
Total loss of short term memory, low concentration and negative attitude. The INO Activator test was initiated by the son of the 101 year old woman and here are the ongoing perceptions of her recovery:
After 20 days at least 1 session with the INO Activator, in weekends usually 2 sessions per day.

June 9th: I received a call from the external day care center. She wanted to tell me that my mom was amazing and I was asked if there was a change in her medication.

June 10th: It was the first time she could tell in the evening what she had enjoyed for lunch in the outside dayroom, which she could not remember for the past 2-3 years!

Usually In lunchtime between 5:30 and 7:30 (she has a love for playing cards), there will be a lady / girlfriend from the house who has played my mother’s card for the last 2 years. I was there just before she wanted to leave, and she told me she had never seen my mother in this form. Not only did she play both card games well, but she also told me that she had talked about an event in her life, in a way she had never experienced with her before.
And again she could remember in detail what she had for lunch.
At night before I left, did she ask me why the washing machine was running at this time of the evening? I told her to drop the machine till tomorrow. The next day she told the lady who was doing the housekeeping and asked her if she was aware of the use of the proper detergent to protect her clothing from degradation!

June 11: After the evening session with the INO Activator, she again knew what she had for lunch. I watched the TV, and I noticed that she was following the news through the comments she made that were sharp with a good sense of humor, things I know about her when she was even better.
After she had gone to bed, I had to sit for about 20 minutes. Normally, the wireless remote control is always on the seat of her armchair. This time I could not find it and I noticed she had pushed it neatly into the pocket on the side of the chair as she usually did.

June 13th: I stayed for a party from 13:30 to 16:30 and saw that she followed a performance on the stage with a concentration of 90% of the time. In the evening when we watched TV she asked me to increase the sound level to follow the news !!! For the past 3 years she had watched television for watching moving images with no or no noise.
It clearly shows that they become more interested and aware of what is happening.

June 15: At 9:15 pm I called her before she would test. Previously, the phone calls were short in the morning. Sometimes no more than 20 seconds due to non-reponsiveness. Today, the conversation was 3 minutes with good responsiveness and adequate answers to questions, it seems to be more aware of what’s going on and having regular conversations.

June 17: At 7:45 pm, when I came in and greeted her, I was amazed again, how was your day? “I was asked, a question I have asked in the last 2 years, and now I was the one who was asked! An important change!

June 18th: second application at 8:15 pm, unfortunately, the mask stopped working! At 9:00 pm I tried to shake the base for the mask gently. In the end, the problem turned out to be a mask. I stopped the 30 day test due to the technical issues. I was told that we used prototypes of the mask and this was not the final product, so I’m waiting for replacement.
During this time I noticed a rapid decline of her overall situation, especially a moodswing back to her previous condition.

On Wednesday, July 1, 2015, I received the replacement set and was happy to continue the test! Thursday evening first request. On Friday, July 3, I resumed with 3 applications and at night I have already noticed major improvements. For example, at dinner, she asks for things she has never asked for before.

July 9th seems to be a happy experience, asking for the mask to be set up as soon as I enter the room making it extra comfortable to continue the test and show the relaxing effect on her. The replacement unit works fine.

July 13 also shows that the effect of the blood circulation of the device is very interesting. She has suffered from cold extremities for about 2 years and has a hot water bottle to heat her ice cold feet.
Tonight she rejected this and said she did not need it, basically her feet were hot!

July 15th, my mother is in a passive mindset, for everything has been done for her in recent years! This morning when she was searched for day care by the bus driver, she took the initiative and said to this person, I have to turn off the TV first! This seems to be a normal thing, but to me it’s a huge change in her mind: she actually thinks and takes care of things!

July 19th; We visited friends at an hour’s drive away at 2pm. We came back at 9pm and there was no moment of sleep! Incredibly, the mask was taken for treatment during our visit.

21 July !!!! As usually asking for what she had for lunch, today was a real big surprise! She could not tell just what kind of soup she had, but also remembered exactly what vegetables and meat! I keep a list and this is the first time she had a good time !!!

July 28, I have been abroad abroad since 23 July, but keep in touch with surveillance cameras and phone. I received a call from our seamstress (Naima) today, She said my mother was at her desk and wanted to start cleaning paperwork !!!!!! Imagine this attitude of a 101.5-year-old woman. This shows how she revives through the mask …..
I had to call her and tell her that she did not have to do it, and I would do that together tomorrow if I fly back.

Aug 3. Unfortunately, the mask has stopped working, the second mask, so now we will continue the final product as soon as it is available.

August 28, I was informed that the new mask will be shipped this week and is expected this week, so next week we will continue this test after the break.
Test phase continued …

September 4th, new mask, continuous test … 2 applications in one day

September 5, noticed after 2 applications during the day: at 19:00 when I entered, she did not sleep in her chair as it was usually for her afternoon sleep. Now she was not just awake, but immediately reported that the coffee machine was no longer working and this had to be solved. When the home care came to her and asked to get to the bathroom, she answered, as usual, “I’ve just been there”. This time she had only been to the toilet, but she had also provided herself with her incontinence material. And she speaks the truth according to her private help (her name is Naima). And after she was asked again if she had been to the toilet, she replied, “Why do you ask me again, just told me I was going to the toilet a couple of minutes ago, do you think I’m lying?
Perhaps this is a normal reaction for a reader but it’s definitely a completely different reaction to what I’m used to by her age, and this clearly shows her awareness and sharpness! This occurs after 2 days after reapplying the INO Activator!

September 7, BLOOD PRINT and PULSE with INO Activator:
To make sure we monitor this, I measured today! Here are the results:
Just before applying the mask: 125/59/67 (P)
Note: Diastolic pressure was below 60! 69/68 (P) Note:
Diastolic pressure is healthy!
In case of high blood pressure measurements systolic> 140, diastolic> 90, the mask application is intended to reduce readings,
At low systolic <120, diastolic <60 The effect of the mask application seems to be reversed! What a good news!

From Dutch to English.

As requested, my experience with the Hummer Mask.
My name is Thomas Nunes, I live in New Mexico in the
United States. About 8 years ago at the age of 62,
I was diagnosed with AMD Macula degeneration to my
Left eye and later I slowly lost my sight in my right eye. About two years ago, I was approached by an old friend of mine from Europe, and he asked me for a new sleep help
Machine testing, the humming mask. During that time, it was used only for better quality of sleep, and high blood pressure. But after using the mask for about a week or 8 a 10, I noticed that the distortion in my left eye reduced and then greatly improved. I was shocked because I had been told by doctors that there was no cure for a cure for my degeneration, and I had to change my food habit and look for additional supplements in my case, which I followed faithfully but Had no result. Until the use of the Mask, no improvement was noticeable.

It’s almost two years since I’ve got the mask for my
Improved visibility and other purposes. At this time
November 2016, my sight is almost normal for both of my
Eyes and my health in general are excellent.

I still bless the day I came back into contact with me
good friend. Thank you very much for that.
With a lot of regards,

From Dutch to English.

William van der Stam.
Geb; 1948
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I’m 67 years old and still alive in life.
I have led an intensive professional life. For my work I have traveled a lot and spent thousands of hours in hotels and airplanes. The many business meals and enjoyment led to an unhealthy lifestyle. As a result, I created overweight and sharpened my health. This resulted in diabetes becoming a patient.

I had to take medication (3 different) and therefore came into danger group.
I realized that it could not continue and began to address my unhealthy lifestyle, and by self-study I found out the good but also bad effects of medications. Through my knowledge, I was alerted to a new development and thus came into contact with the Hummer Mask. The Hummer Mask was just under development and I was given the opportunity to test one of the prototypes.

I understood the principle of the operation of the Hummer Mask which is based on the centuries old technique of “Hummen”. It is briefly stated that by humming the air in our sinuses is triggered by the vibration of hummen. Hummer takes place with the Hummer Mask.

In our sinuses, all kinds of processes take place, one of the processes that flows through the Ostium (a kind of sinus channel) nNO (nasal nitric oxide) that is absorbed by our nasal nerve in each body. Scientific research has shown that the molecular nNO essential to our overall health has a major effect on our circulatory system. Through my many stays in the USA, I was familiar with NO. A lot of attention is paid to the TV.

The use of the Hummer Mask resulted in my blood circulation improving my blood pressure. Partly by watching more about my Livestyle and the use of the mask, my overall health has been greatly improved. The regular laboratory check of my blood / urine values ​​shows such an improvement that I totally stopped my doctor’s recommendation.

With the developer of the Hummer I have had a few prototypes and gave them to several acquaintances to test. Again, it was found that the positive results of the use of the Hummer Mask were at least remarkable. A friend of mine appeared to have AMD (Macular Degenaration), I had never heard of it and with him the use of the Mask resulted in a huge improvement of his sight. In the meantime, I have read a lot about NO / Hummen / Health / etc. and concluded that many age-related phenomena / diseases can sometimes be caused by a lack of nitrogen oxide.

I personally think that in the future many people will benefit from using this mask and wish the developer good luck with this unique product.
William van der Stam.

Mr. Thomas (Florida USA)
From English to Dutch.
Satisfaction statement
One morning in December 2001, I realized that the car seemed a little shiny for me. The wheels on the right side of the car seemed to turn off the highway roadway occasionally. That was naturally frightening. The week after that, my optometrist sent me to the ophthalmologist. My five-year-old brother had five-year-old dry AMD and my mother received it in 1976 when she was 59. When I also got the diagnosis of dry AMD, I realized that in this incurable condition a genetic factor plays a role.
I stayed for two years with the ophthalmologist while my AMD worsened slowly. With a visuals measurement I did not get higher than 20/40. I continued driving with corrective lenses and was constantly looking for a possible cure. I bought a micro-current stimulator (MCS) for $ 800, a tool for eye stimulation through electrical power. An alternative doctor told me about this in 2002. After using this device for a year, I bought another MCS recommended by a doctor. It had to be an excellent device that had already benefited many people. Unfortunately, the different devices I used over a three-year period did not produce any positive results. For my AMD, I also smoked all sorts of vitamins for which the FDA has not given approval but with little success. Disappointed, I continued my search without delay. Doctors did not visit my dry AMD anymore as there was no proven healing. The only thing that really helped me was my attitude, which prevented me from being able to prevent blindness by law (see below 20/200).

In 2007, I made an appointment with a doctor in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After five acupuncture sessions, I felt that there was little or no progress and I stopped with the sessions. I continued to swallow several dry AMD pills that seemed to slow down the progress of the AMD. Total treatment costs amounted to approximately 1400 dollars.
Desperate when I was flying to Colorado for a week’s course of natural vision improvement and after three months I obtained a worthless certificate and I was a coach / instructor natural vision improvement. It did provide an excellent peripheral vision, which enabled me to read a letter size of 14 points without much effort. Cost $ 2700.
During my further search, I pushed enthusiastic stories about a by-product of wine called resveratrol that would have benefits for people with dry AMD. For three and a half years, I used a drug called Longevinex without a significant effect. Cost $ 1000.

Finally, in December 2015, I received an article about the Humming Mask and its claimed benefits in subjects in a small survey. When I realized that I had a vision of 20/100, I decided to buy a Humming Mask in Indiegogo. I got my Humming Mask early May this year and I started using the tool with positive expectations.

Below is a summary of my findings with the Humming Mask for the past 106 days.
* In the first two weeks I did four full cycles a day. After each cycle, the upper part of the TV screen appeared to consist of several colored stripes, so I knew something was happening. I had good hope that improvement would occur and that was the case soon after.
* The following months I noticed that the osteoarthritis in my previously stiff fingers did not hurt anymore and that I could bow my fingers well during the golfing. I also noticed that I had almost no burden of beginning neuropathy in my feet. Only a single time I’ll have another Aleve when I’m suffering from tingling.
* From the third month progress was incredibly high and that is still the case. After a while I see the ball again and I see the flag on the golf course with the greatest ease. I recognize people in a room opposite me because my central eyesight has been greatly improved. I am writing this letter now with a plus 3 reading glasses from the drugstore on my nose. I also watch TV comfortably from a distance of almost four meters.

* In the last three weeks I have done two cycles a day: in the morning and in the evening before I go to bed. I’m more relaxed. I do not bother more of the restless leg syndrome. My circulation has been greatly improved and I think I can drive again after my reading card test in November. Last 30th of April I submitted my driving license.
I am excited about the continuous improvements due to the use of the Humming Mask. I am convinced that every user will benefit.